Demos of our Work

Local Cancer Foundation:

This is one in a series of interviews we did for our local cancer foundation Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation for their past fundraiser. They had never done video like this and giving went up a good 20% over previous years.


Santa Is Real Series:

Above you will see one of 27 "messages from Santa" that we shot and produced in conjunction with KRS Media. These were originally conceptualized by us as a means of creating a grassroots, social media groundswell to facilitate the creation of a motion picture.


The Tactical Games:

This was a 4K shoot and produced to make a promo for what was then called the Tactical Athlete Games, the name was later changed to the Tactical Games. A great event to test your doubt!

VNR/Video News Release - Feature

This was a production that we did for Shea Holbrook of Shea Racing to cover her first professional race and help give her exposure to "speed" her career. (pun intended)

Infomercial/Web Content

This was a  strictly-for-web production that we produced, shot, and edited for a client that we had worked for over 6 years or so....we look for the long-term relationships. We like to make clients...our friends.

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