Demos of our Work

Most current demo reel:

Above you will see a compilation of footage and editing that we have done from all over the US, Florida...where we are based, and places as far away as Cairns, Australia.


Santa Is Real Series:

Above you will see one of 27 "messages from Santa" that we shot and produced in conjunction with KRS Media. These were originally conceptualized by us as a means of creating a grassroots, social media groundswell to facilitate the creation of a motion picture.


Warrior Ethos 24 hour event:

Above is a retrospective video of a 24 hour event that we helped cover and document for a company that we are assisting to get started with some former heroes of our Special Forces.

VNR/Video News Release

This was a production that we did for Shea Holbrook of Shea Racing to cover her first professional race and help give her exposure to "speed" her career. (pun intended)

See more demos here:

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